New Year's Greetings

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Happy New Year.

We hope you all are having a great new year.


Looking back on last year 2018, as Measurement System Group, for the extension of Material Business, we could release some new products like sDIC, that is a new version of Digital Image Correlation Strain Analysis, and FootSTEPS; a measurement system for Pressure Distribution during walking etc./Share Stress, which applies the basic technique of Pressure Sensitive Paint.

Moreover, we started to deal in the goods of Semiconductor in earnest.


On the other hand, our Imaging System Group decided to take out of handling the products of RED DIGITAL CINEMA, which have been loved for a long time.

We are facing a new phase to the next stage.


Year 2019 also, we will continue to provide other new products, develop them and improve our services.

We would like to appreciate for your continuous support.


Please note that we will resume working from January 7, 2019.



January 1, 2019


Katsu Fukuzato, President & CEO

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