【Automotive Engineering Exposition 2018 NAGOYA】will be held from today.

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【Automotive Engineering Exposition 2018 NAGOYA】will be held from today.

We thank you very much for your patronage.
I'm Kashima, a sales representative from our measurement system division.

We will introduce the Automobile Engineering Exposition 2018 NAGOYA , which is held today at Port Messe Nagoya, Japan.

Takashi Kawamura Mayor Nagoya Mayor gave a speech at the beginning of the exhibition .

He talked the following two points.
First, on the development of the automobile industry, which is Japan's core industry and
the relationship of Nagoya city.
Next, about measures of Nagoya port facility near the exhibition site.

We are waiting for your visit at booth No.188.

【Bubble flow measurement in Oil - Shadowgraph (PIV)】


We shoot the flow of bubbles in oil by the shadow graph method (shadow picture).
PIV analysis of the photographed data makes it possible to grasp the flow condition
of the oil.

By continuously acquiring images by shadow graphs, PIV analysis becomes possible.
In addition to particle size information, you can also obtain information on flow velocity

Shadow graph PIV demonstrates real time analysis at our booth.

Strain and Displacement measurement by Digital Image Correlation(sDIC)】

By providing a random pattern called a speckle pattern to the observation target, by
analyzing consecutive images,
Analyze the distortion and displacement of the object.

You can use it where it is difficult to attach the strain gauge.
Analysis software, sDIC and this system configuration are exhibited.

【LED LIGHT For High Spped images】

High luminance LED light source capable of shooting flicker free up to 5,000 fps, among
NILA light series, equivalent to HMI 400 W.
We are exhibiting VERSA, a light source.

NILA's series will be the first in Japan with four different lineups equivalent to HMI 200 W,
400 W, 800 W, 2500 W.

We are expecting you at our booth (No. 188) at the exposition.
・date:7/11 (Wed) & 12 (Thu) 10:00 to 18:00 / 7/13 (Fir) 10:00 to 17:00
・site:Nagoya International Exhibition Hall  
From Nagoya Station, take the Aonami Line.
Alight at Kinjyo-huto Station and 5 minute walk.
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