Algorithms of KoncertoII-3 : SAT-PTV for Instantaneous and Time Resolved Micro PIV analysis

SAT-PTV for Instantaneous and Time Resolved Micro PIV analysis

Brownian motion is one of the major problem in Micro PIV. Patented SAT-PTV reduces the effect of the Brownian motion for instantaneous analysis for the time resolved Micro PIV measurements.
Generally, time averaging method is used in Micro PIV to reduce the effect of the Brownian motion. SAT-PTV employs spatial averaging technique instead of time averaging technique. It enables to get instantaneous velocity information in Micro fluidics.
This is especially suitable for using with Confocal Scanning Micro PIV where particle images are much clearer and particle density can be much higher than the conventional Micro PIV. Thus,the accurate instantaneous analysis and the accurate Time Resolved Micro PIV are possible.
SAT-PTV can also evaluate the amount of Brownian motion at each PIV grid.

Principle of SAT-PTV velocity analysis algorithms

Comparison of the results of conventional PIV
algorithm (a) and SAT- PTV (b) in micro channel

Red arrow : Spatial averaged vector in the interrogation window

r : Standard deviation radius of the random displacement of each particle


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