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We deal with a complete set of equipment that can evaluate air permeability, pore size distribution, gas diffusivity, hydrophobicity, etc. of members in a cell in PEFC and SOFC from various angles.

Evaluation Example 1

Evaluation Example 1

Pore size distribution measuring device Evaluation example of each member of MEA by palm porometer

  • Measurement of through pore size distribution
  • Water repellent performance, water permeability evaluation
  • Evaluation of permeation performance of gas
  • Evaluation of water permeation performance
  • Evaluation of steam under pressurized pressure

Evaluation example 2

Evaluation example 2

Evaluation of each member of MEA by MVDP (water vapor / gas transmission / diffusion evaluation device)

  • Measurement of water vapor, gas (O 2, N 2, H 2) permeability
  • Measurement of isostatic diffusivity of water vapor, gas (O 2, N 2, H 2)
  • Steam measurement in In-Plane (in-plane direction)
  • Measurement of steam under arbitrary press pressurization
  • Measure steam at any temperature

Evaluation example 3

Evaluation example 3

Evaluation of MEA members by non-mercury porosimeter

  • Through-pore volume by solvent discharge type porosimeter, Evaluation of through porosity
  • Evaluation of hydrophobic hole ratio by pure water press fitting porosimeter

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